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Guide and information for New Patients

Thank you for your interest in holistic natural dentistry! We welcome you as a new member of a growing family of health-conscious, eco-minded and transparency loving people who choose to have dental health professionals who are passionate about quality care, prevention, and minimal intervention.

Integrative dentistry means finding solutions that work long-term. We are serious searchers for the truth! Finding the real cause of dis-ease is called preventative diagnosing. We use the science of epigenetics to look at stress levels, lifestyle choices, diet, supplements, oral hygiene. So we take time to listen to you, to diagnose, to create a plan together with you and within your budget.

Please read this guide carefully

We expect that you invest some time in preparing as much information for us as possible, to help us save time (and you money!) when you come for your appointment. Holistic care means that we need to know you in great detail...

When this information is not available before your appointment, then you better postpone the date of the appointment to avoid disappointment. We will most probably make a new panoramic x-ray anyway, but having older x-rays help to see the progression of inflammation, which makes prognosis more accurate. It helps to have this, but it is not essential. Previous notes are not essential, it does help for a better prognosis (periostatus is mostuseful).

So please start with organising to get copies (when available) of your x-rays of the last 5 - 10 years, you can securely upload these at the end of the questionnaire. When you might have had a CB-CT scan (usually for implant diagnostics or root canal work), you can better use this site for uploads:

When you have dental (or medical-related) issues with history, please write this history down in chronological order with the names of all your treatment providers. In the questionnaire, you can copy-paste it in, or use the upload links.

We will also ask for your medical history and medication. Please also list any supplements you like to use.

Please consider if you would like to book our Basic New Patient Appointment (175 NZD plus x-rays) or our Extended New Patient Appointment (350 NZD plus x-rays). When you have multiple dental and or health problems or you are being referred we advise to book the longer consult appointment.

For patients coming from outside the Marlborough region, we can do a video consult first to try to pre-assess the possibility of having treatment combined with the first appointment. Normally we will endeavor to give emergency temporary dressings where necessary on the first appointment, but full treatment is always done in another appointment.

Included in your first visit is ample time to discuss all your options for treatment, a printed plan, a prevention plan and when necessary some temporary first aid. When you do not need first aid you will get a complementary supra clean and polish whitening by one of our prevention assistants. In some unusual complex cases, an additional appointment must be made to finish the plan.

When you are ready for booking, be advised, that after filling in our questionnaire, you can choose to pay (at reduced cost) for your appointment in advance.

Ready? X-rays? Meds list? Medical + Dental history? Supplements? Credit card?  Then go!