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Anti Aging (Positive Aging) And Your Mouth

The main accelerated aging and health threats in the mouth are:

  1. Gum disease and decayed, infected teeth
  2. Toxins from mercury silver fillings

Many terribly underestimate the accelerated aging effect from tooth infections and bleeding gum often due to poor diet and bad oral hygiene. The immune system is very much under stress with oral infections and these can directly introduce and indirectly affect serious chronic diseases. In the documentary "Cell to cell communication" the oral infection process is clearly documented.  Infections need treatment! First by treating decayed teeth and gum disease. We follow mostly the  biocompatible BPT protocol for non surgical periodontal treatment. Even more important is prevention: your diet and home care are essential for health...

In the video "10 things you did not know about silver fillings" the danger of mercury is pictured. Dentists were mostly aware of these risks but until the 1980's there was no easy cheap alternative. Then composite fillings came in. In our opinion in this time and age there is no excuse to use mercury fillings and you might live longer without them. We use a special detox protocol after removal.

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Positive Aging And Happiness

We can live a good life. It is a choice to wake up and take responsibility for how we want to feel. Responsibility to our body and soul to treat it well, nurture it, pamper it. Good health is something that comes from happiness. But that comes not without a little effort: Good oral hygiene, good diet, exercise, love and be loved. Simple...

Is it really that simple?? Researcher Dan Buettner became interested in hotspots around the world with unusually high percentages of people living past 100. Collaborating with anthropologists, historians, dietitians, and geneticists, he identified five such regions and organized research trips to these destinations in an attempt to reverse engineer longevity. His work was first published in 2008 by National Geographic in a fascinating book called The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People Who Live the Longest, which details the diet and lifestyle habits of the healthiest, longest-living people groups on earth. And many of these diet and lifestyle habits will surprise you, because they directly contradict the advice of many well known health and diet “experts” today. See the video for more.

When you are open for it, we can help to let you live healthier, fuller and probably longer! Curious? Check this out:

One of the most uplifting videos on you tube is about oneness with nature. As they say in Ayurvedic healing: you think you are a wave, but deep down you know and you feel you are the ocean...

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” ― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose