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Our services during Lockdown Level 1 and 2

During lockdown level 1 and 2 we are allowed to do all normal dentistry with some extra precautions in place. Please come and have a good checkup when you are due and your government covid level allows it (level 2 and level 1). It will prevent higher costs when we can arrest problems in an early stage. As always we will not charge for temporary fillings, but they will help you to stay pain free and infection free. So please make dentistry essential for your health. We have special solutions and plans in place for those in financial hardship

When you make an appointment we will ask you a few questions about your health. Depending on your answers, we will treat you as a low risk or as a high risk patient. The Dental Council created different protocols for both risks, so that you and our team are best protected!
Please check the questions below, if any applies to you, you should notify us before treatment, so we can decide to either postpone treatment or treat you as a higher risk patient (for emergencies only).

7 9 2021 guideline risk questions DCNZ

Our services during level 3 and level 4

During Level 4 and 3 we can only support you by phone consult > Please read instructions below:

Dentistry is an essential service, even in these troubled times we can help


FOR NEW PATIENTS (not enrolled yet): please enroll here so that we have more information about your dental health available before we can call you back.

1. Due to lack of specialised PPE we can only give phone or video consultation during level 4 and 3.
2. If possible prepare yourself for the call by writing down your meds list and if you have a quality camera on your phone make a video/photos of the teeth. Look here how to do this: or
3. Send these photos by email to
4. Then call us on 035736188, select 0 and leave a message at our message service. We will then call you back. You can also text us on 0276775444 PLEASE ADD Date of birth.
In case of accidents or extreme swelling that hinders swallowing or breathing, best to call 111.

TIPS FOR HOMECARE: If you feel it is not too bad yet, you could perhaps try to postpone treatment with over the counter pain medication and high dose vitamin C (natures antibiotic) in doses up to 3000 mg three times daily during meals. Sharp areas could be protected with a small piece of sugar free chewing gum.
Broken dentures can be temporarily mended with superglue (keep some nail polish remover at hand to prevent your finger being glued).