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update April 2021

Dentistry is an essential service, even in these troubled times we can help

Please do not delay planned treatment any longer: we are open with a just few simple rules

We have incorporated and trained for new protocols dictated by the Dental Council of New Zealand to work with special protective equipment under the most strict alert levels. So that you and we are safe during treatment.

We have special solutions and plans in place for those in financial hardship. Please come and have a good checkup when it is time. It will prevent higher costs when we can arrest problems in an early stage. As always we will not charge for temporary fillings, but they will help you to stay pain free and infection free. So please make dentistry essential for your health.

When you make an appointment we will ask you a few questions about your health. Depending on your answers, we will treat you as a low risk or as a high risk patient. The Dental Council created different protocols for both risks, so that you and our team are best protected! However, when you have a cold, a cough or feel feverish, you should when possible call us as soon as possible and postpone treatment when the dental problem is not too bad yet. When it is bad, then we can treat you as high risk patient.