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Quoting implant solutions for dentures

For more than 30 years, dental implants have offered a solution for not only replacing the missing "crown" of the tooth, but replacing the root as well. Dental implants provide a rigid foundation for a tooth replacement that looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. This treatment option greatly enhances the quality of life and is backed by several decades of scientific research and successful clinical use.


The surgical procedure will be performed in our surgery by Dr. Fred Timmermans, who has experience with this procedure since 1987 and has placed thousands of implants since.  We use local anaesthetics, a special massage chair and we can use herbal tranquiliser relaxation techniques for your comfort. Usually there is only very slight discomfort in the first few days after the operation which is taken care of by the use of a simple painkiller. You will be fit to go to work the next day in most cases. You should always inform us of your health situation and smoking habits, as this can influence this therapy. Dental implants are high in initial costs, but are the most durable dental solution available. Long term research and our own experience shows a success rate of over 95% after ten years. We see a lot of patients with 15 to 20 years old implant restorations still going strong. Good oral hygiene and a 6-monthly professional check-up is a prerequisite. Dental implants are not affected by caries, but can get gum problems when hygiene is low. Clenching or grinding habits can give problems, we can provide bite guards for this. When necessary Dr. Timmermans will perform micro plastic gum surgery at the time of the implant placement. Where bone quality or quantity is poor (usually only in one in five upper jaw cases), an additional procedure (guided tissue regeneration) might be necessary. We will discuss this in your initial appointment.

We offer two options for your quote that influence greatly the cost and the time involved, only after initial assessment of your (3-d) x-rays and gum situation we can decide if the “all on 4” option is possible.

Quote for “snap-on 2" Quote for “All on  4"
Assessment $175

CBCT scan $ 285

OPG $ 85

Assessment $175CBCT scan $285

OPG $ 85

2 Sybron ID Interactive implants 4 Sybron ID Interactive implants
Surgery by Dr. Fred Timmermans Surgery by Dr. Fred Timmermans
Sybron ID locator abutments Sybron ID I healing abutment
Pre making of a new denture (only when the old one is more then 5 years old or not good enough). Not included in this quote. Impression for lab work, colour photography, digital shade matching by Dr. Fred Timmermans
8 to 10 weeks healing time (in which you have to be very careful with your diet) 8 to 10 weeks healing time (in which you have to be very careful with your diet)
Possible extra appointment for cosmetic adjustment Possible extra appointment(s) for cosmetic adjustment(s)
Normally we fit the male parts in the existing denture ourselves as soon as the implants are healed Sybron ID  standard or individual Abutment
10 Ceramic Crowns made in NZ (add 3 weeks)
Fit in by Dr. Fred Timmermans
$5,850.00 $25,500.00


The conditions that apply for surgery are: oral hygiene as prescribed, no smoking, no diabetes or immune disease, no bruxism, all other dental work done as planned with regular maintenance as prescribed at our practice.

During your initial appointment we will perform a full examination of your oral health situation. After this you will be presented with a treatment plan that includes all implant options and possible or necessary alternative treatments.


Best regards,


Dr. Fred M. Timmermans



Picton Dental Spa