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Many people are needlessly suffering from oral inflammations.
Now is the opportunity for those to engage in my philosophy of dentistry: a compassionate and balanced act between prevention and micro intervention.
With the help of the New Biology of the oral microbiome and oral virome, oral dis-ease can be cured by regenerative healing.
Less is more is the mantra. Starting at the source: regenerating our toxic food habits and reprogramming our beliefs in medical myths by growing conciousness about self empowerment, taking full responsibility over self-healing.
Teeth can easily last a full lifetime. We will show you the way!

Balanced, Regenerative, Artisan, Compassionate, Ethical Dentistry

Dr Fred Timmermans has developed a new dental eco-system called BRACED. He is creating a e-learning academy around this so that more dentists can gain the knowledge to work with this new paradigm in oral health.

Look at the following pages to get an impression: